I love newborn photography.  Having had two boys of my own and having quite a few newborn sessions under my belt, I am well-prepared to make this the best experience possible for new parents.  I will typically do your session in your home as that is probably easiest for new parents.

Newborns are best photographed within their first 7 to 12 days after birth when they are still very sleepy and easy to maneuver.  I typically take anywhere from 1-2 hours for my newborn sessions and never rush the baby.  If he or she needs some cuddles or a snack, we’ll take the time and make him or her happy and comfortable. 

I always ask that the baby have a nice, fully belly when I arrive.  It takes me about 15 minutes to set everything up, so if you’re feeding the little one when I arrive, that’s perfectly okay. 

If you could have your baby wearing only a diaper, but wrapped in a blanket, that would also be helpful.  I usually photograph babies when they aren’t wearing any clothes.  Sometimes a diaper is okay, but usually completely naked.  Since they won’t be wearing much, it’s best to keep the house nice and warm.  80-85 degrees would be ideal.  I will absolutely bring a space heater with me to also help keep the little one warm during their shoot.

When I arrive at your home, I’ll look for a spot in the house that has the most natural light to set up in.  I always joke that it looks like I’m moving into your house when I arrive because I bring so much equipment with me, but I assure you, it’s necessary! 

I’ll photograph the newborn alone and afterwards will move onto sibling and family photos if you would like them as well.  There is an additional fee for photographing siblings so please be sure to inquire before your session.

Thank you so much for entrusting me to photograph this amazing time in your life and I look forward to meeting you!