Light up my Life Photography | About
When I was little, I loved to pull out my mother's photo albums and take a look back at moments that I wasn't there for as well as ones that I was too little to remember. I was drawn to those pictures because they envoked such happiness in me -- those special moments among my family. I guess you could say that I was always drawn to photography and that my mother started it all. That's where the name comes from: Light up my Life. It's a song that she sang to me over and over when I was young.

Although that was a long time ago and I am now the one making albums for my twin boys, I still get that same feeling of excitement when when I push the shutter button and preserve new memories. I strive to capture that same feeling for the people that I "shoot" now. For me, photography is so much more that looking through the camera and pushing a button. It's capturing every day life and connecting with people. Whether it be new parents and their sleepy baby, a newly engaged couple or energetic toddlers running around, I want to preserve those moments for people in a timeless and natural way.